Testimonials about Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care values comments from our patients. Our goal is to provide quality health care at an affordable price and in a reasonable period of time. Over the years your comments have inspired us, challenged us, and frequently led to improvements in the patient care experience.

Here are some of the things patients have had to tell us.

quotesDear Staff - My daughter freshman at CU Boulder as recently treated by you. She’s a long way from home and I was worried about her. I Googled urgent cares near campus and convinced her to go. She said you were super nice and took care of her, helped her to find a pharmacy, etc. Can’t tell you enough how relieved I was! Thank you for your kindness and running tests to determine the cause. Once she started the meds she had a miraculous recovery! Thanks again and god bless.


quotesMy daughter has had ongoing stomach issues for over a year and I feel like she keeps being blown off by other providers. Our visit here was an absolutely wonderful and caring and tests were administered to help find the cause and it’s such a relief. Thank you so much for your expertise and caring, understanding facility. You are wonderful!

Westminster: We just really wanted to say thank you for your kind and considerate service. My boyfriend came in and was complaining of chest pain. After running a couple of tests the doctor on duty recommended that we go to the ER. The front desk staff quickly printed us directions and we were on our way. We are thankful for your recommendation as he did spend the following 2 and 1/2 days in the hospital. So thank you again for the wonderful and caring service.

-Sincerely, Tom & Jo

quotesAttention Aurora Clinic- 13650 E Mississippi. Aurora CO


My parents relocated to Aurora last month due to health issues. I've been trying to get my parents into an assisted living facility and have had a impossible time getting my father an appointment with a doctor that is taking new patients or that isn't booked out until October. On Monday August 13th I had taken my dad in for his TB test and an assessment for assisted living where I was directed to the Psych department Dr. Savati who did his best to assist with the assessment. Ultimately we found it was more of a health , independence & communicable disease assessment that was needed for the facility. He directed me to some doctors in the area and was very patient and kind. On Wednesday, when returning to the office for dad's TB results I was put in touch with Heather who also very helpful. She assisted me with setting up an appointment at the family practice next door. She got me into an appointment the very next day at the family practice. She pretty much worked a miracle that my family very much needed. THANK you Heather- your help today was so very appreciated!

-Jodie Jordan

quotesJuly 2012: "Dr. Saproo is an awesome doctor. She takes time to find out what is wrong and how to fix it and listens to you and doesn't make you feel stupid when you say something is wrong. She completely checks you out. Awesome."

quotesJuly 2012: "Arti Saproo is the most caring doctor I've been to yet."

quotesJune 2012: "Dr. Saproo is awesome. She is very thorough and warm. Awesome staff!"

quotesJune 2012: "Dr. Saproo is so thorough. Dr. Saproo is caring and gives you 100%. She looks into every aspect with you. She is the best. I only want to see her."

quotesMay 2012: "Terrific Service, quick, fast. Nice. Friendly. Thank you!"

quotesMay 2012: "You guys are great!"

quotesApril 2012: "This experience was very positive. Even though I felt really sick everyone treated me with respect and kindness The staff in the reception area were especially patient with me and very helpful. The paramedic was very nice and explained what he was doing. The Physician Assistant was professional and comforting. She gave me the right prescriptions and I felt comfortable with her. The whole staff was conscientious."

quotes"I'm not going to lie - this was hands-down the best urgent care experience I've ever had. I'm young and don't tend to see a doctor on a regular basis. I don't even have a doctor. And I've been to a few urgent care centers in Denver over the years. I went to the Rocky Mountain Reunion location. The place was clean, updated, pleasant to be in. The doctor was kind. Busy, but efficient. Didn't spend as much time with me as she could have, but it was a busy day there. Despite that I was only there for the total of an hour. And I only had strep throat. So I didn't feel that bad that she was in and out. And yeah, I've read some of the other reviews and it’s true! You can get your medicine right there and not have to go to the pharmacy. What a bonus."

quotes"My experience with RMUC is when my 6 year old son fell off the top of a big slide and broke both of his wrists. My husband called ahead and told the staff what we were coming in for and the staff was ready when we got there. I was allowed to fill out the paper work in the room. My son was given some pain meds as soon as the doc saw him, then he went right to x-ray. When he came back from x-ray the meds had kicked in and the techs were able to splint him. The techs were so kind and gentle with my son that he thinks they are "magic" because they made the pain go away and fixed his arms. We were referred to children’s ortho and given the phone #'s. This was a very traumatic experience for not only my son but my husband, myself and our smaller children. Every staff member we came in contact with was caring and concerned about us all. Thank you Teresa, Dr. Wallace, and Rich."

quotes"I took my son to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care on a Saturday night with a bad case of scarlet fever. We did have to wait for about an hour, but the emergency room wait would have been much longer and much more expensive. The staff took very good care of my son. The doctor was able to quickly diagnose him, and we were even able to get antibiotics there instead of having to take a sick child to the pharmacy."

"I recently had the misfortune of needing to rush to an urgent care center. Presented with a choice between three different groups in town, I decided to drive a bit further to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care based on the feedback I've heard from family and friends. I was not disappointed. I was not the most severe case in the waiting room and was still seen pretty quickly. The doctor was in quickly and the nursing staff were very helpful. All in all, the experience was positive and my bill was much more reasonable than an ER visit. So, hopefully I don't have to go back to urgent care, but if I do, I will drive a bit further to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care. Thanks."

quotes"Went to Rocky Mountain Urgent on Mississippi for a gash on my head. As soon as I walked in and seen my bloody rag they took me straight back and just had me fill out paper work while they cleaned me up. Doc came in and made me feel like I knew him for years. Introduced himself by first name not by "DR'" Joked with me while he stapled me up. In and out in 45 min. I highly recommend this place for urgent care."

quotes"I brought my child to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care at Smoky Hill for migraine symptoms. She was immediately looked after within minutes of checking in. The staff put her at ease and cared for her professionally and compassionately. As a parent, I sensed that she was in the best place possible for her ailment and will definitely bring her back for all her urgent needs. The front office, the medical assistants and the providers are wonderful!"

quotes"I went into the urgent care with my 4yr old son. He was having an asthma attack at the time. I was very nervous but the staff helped us quickly and assured that my son saw the doctor right off. I absolutely adored the kindness and professionalism that the entire staff showed us. Our family did end up going to the emergency room but we were well informed and had a great understanding of what to expect thanks to the urgent care staff. In addition, we were so pleased to find out that the doctor that saw my son is also at the clinic to provide primary care. We will be scheduling our entire family."

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