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Testimonials about Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care values comments from our patients. Our goal is to provide quality health care at an affordable price and in a reasonable period of time. Over the years your comments have inspired us, challenged us, and frequently led to improvements in the patient care experience.

Here are some of the things patients have had to tell us.


Quotes"Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and caring. I had been passed around to three urgent care facilities that day and was beginning to think no one would help me. The amazing people at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care really came through for me and showed me that there are still kind people in healthcare."

Katie Nester

Quotes"I had to take my little one for an earache. Turned out to be an ear infection. The front desk staff were friendly and welcoming. The MA was nice an patient with my toddler. Kayla the NP was quick and efficient. She understood my little one was in pain and made the consult easy for her. Thank you RMUC!"

Janely P.

Quotes"Very friendly and completely listened to all my questions and concerns. Very, very, short wait time. Great place, great people. Got a follow up call the next day. Wonderful!"

Barbara Douglas

Quotes"I took my son to this urgent care and their service was amazing. We were welcomed nicely, and the entire process was speedy. I left there with smiles on my face knowing that my son is already healed. I will recommend this location to my friends as well as my family. Everybody there was super nice."

Dorcas Owusua

Quotes"I was very happy and satisfied with the diagnosis, care and information I received. Excellent doctor who is very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Urgent Care. Thank you to my NP for your knowledge and help. I am feeling so much better after my treatment."

Debra Lodge

Quotes"I work in the medical field and frequent doctors’ offices almost daily and this is one of the most professional and courteous offices in Denver. The doctor and his PA have helped me through some painful times very effectively! I would highly recommend this office."

Ryan Frasure

Boulder Family Medicine

Quotes"Awesome service. Everyone was professional yet passionate about providing a great experience. I highly recommend the doctors and the team at Rocky Mountain Family Medicine. Oddly enough, I was torn between the anxiety of "going to the doc" and having a good time with fun people. I guess you really can have both! Besides very friendly bedside manners, I felt like the explanations I received on everything happening were clear and helpful... And I barely even felt the needle when I had to give up my blood because I was pleasantly distracted by silly conversation! So happy to have found a place where people bring joy into their work."

Nicole Furman

Quotes"I love my doctor there! He sometimes telling me things that are hard but the truth. He gives me the time I need at the visit. I don't feel like he just has 10 minutes, it feels like he is there for me."

Delores Davis

Quotes"This place was extremely helpful! 100% satisfactory."

Melvin Barnes

Quotes"The staff and doctors here are wonderful! I called and was able to book an appointment for the same week. The doctor and the nurses addressed all of my needs and were very helpful! I was super grateful that my prescriptions were sent over to my pharmacy immediately and I was able to pick them up the next day! I'd definitely recommend Rocky Mountain Family Practice to others in the future. Thanks a bunch!"

Tiffanie Kung

Boulder Urgent Care

Quotes"Caring & immediate service. Check-in went smoothly and was fast. They were efficient - I never waited for more than 5 minutes once I was in a patient room. Highly recommend."

Sarah Waldner

Quotes"Friendly, professional, modern, calm, efficient, clean, consistent, reliable, thorough and thoughtful. I’ve been here three times in the past two years and it’s A+ service every time. Thank you. Keep it up!"

Erin Dupuis

Quotes"I came into this office so very sick yesterday and they took such good care of me. I felt so sick I could barely move and they tried to make me feel comfortable. They gave me a popsicle for my throat and crackers, for my tummy. They were kind and efficient. I will definitely go back there".

Kelly Jentz

Quotes"It turns out that I had pneumonia, but I went to the clinic as a walk-in patient. I was seen in about 20 minutes, and both the nurse who checked me in and the PA who treated me were courteous and compassionate. The PA, was very knowledgeable and helpful. Over all I was impressed and can recommend this urgent care clinic."

Debra Scott


Quotes"I switched to this place after having a horrible experience at another doctor’s office. This place is great! Everyone is friendly and helpful. The PA is professional, but personable."

Kristina Rettler

Quotes"I’ve been seeing this branch exclusively for some years now for my medical needs. Doctors and staff in my experience, have really taken the time to listen, amazing for an institution operating as both an urgent care facility and providing family medicine services."

Colby McGlinn

Quotes"They helped me when other places dropped the ball. One medication needed prior authorization and they made the call within an hour. I love this place. This will be my first stop for all my medical needs."

Anthony Capra

Quotes"The people here are awesome. Always so nice and helpful. Thank you RMUC!"

Christopher James-Steffens

Quotes"I received good care and excellent advice for my sinus infection. I'm starting to feel better already. So grateful for this clinic."

Cinda Christie


Quotes"The staff is absolutely awesome. From check in to the nurse and the doctor- we were treated promptly, respectfully and my children ages 7 and 6 were very comfortable with everyone. They took time to explain the procedures and never stopped smiling and making my children were not afraid. I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Urgent Care to anyone in need of help. Thank you to the wonderful staff!"

Amber LeeAnn Long

Quotes"I am a patient with Rocky Mountain Family Medicine. I'm so happy that I found this place. They're very friendly and professional and I always speak to someone when I call. I'm never forced to leave a message and wait for a callback. The staff is AMAZING!! I find it convenient because they are also an Urgent Care facility. If I have an emergency, I'm treated quickly, and they have all of my records, so I don't have to wait for anything. I LOVE Rocky Mountain Family Medicine!"

Theresa MacKenzie

Quotes"Can’t say enough good things about the staff at this facility. They are compassionate, knowledgeable, professionals who went out of their way to ensure all my needs were met. I Left there knowing I was going to feel better."

Ronda Roby

Centennial - Smoky Hill

Quotes"Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has always been great. Not only did they understand my urgency on paperwork and moving overseas but the doctor was extremely kind. I felt as if she listened to everything I had to say. I could tell her everything! Thank you, guys, for being so helpful I appreciate you guys!"

Krista Stevens

Quotes"I took my daughter to this urgent care for a flu test....what I didn’t expect was stellar service and super knowledgeable staff who knew how to take care of the pediatric population as well! As a pediatric nurse, that is hard to find unless you go to a pediatric facility! I was so impressed by the staff and how they handled my child. This will be our urgent care from here on out."

Heather Peters

Quotes"Friendly staff, nice waiting area, and convenient location. Doctor was personable and took time to get to know us. Excited to have a new primary care doc!"

Emily Ricks


Quotes"I had a great experience at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care! When my primary care physician's office couldn't fit me in, I reluctantly went to urgent care. I was pleasantly surprised and ultimately thankful that things worked out as they did. Everyone on the staff was professional and friendly. The Nurse Practitioner I saw was fantastic! She was knowledgeable and had things figured out pretty quickly. I knew I was in capable hands. The nurse was also very capable and pleasant to be around. Besides, she gives great injections! I left there thinking I was so happy that my doctor was too busy to see me because I got the best end of the bargain by ending up at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care! I am taking my prescribed medications and am on the mend. Thanks Guys!"

Millie Young

Quotes"The staff was nice and warm welcoming. The service provided was amazing, will definitely go back for my next visit!!"

Cristina Mercado

Quotes"I was very impressed with how quickly they saw me and appreciate how thorough they were. Thank so much for having such a great staff!"

Linda Catari

Quotes"Quickest I have ever been in and out of an urgent care, less than 20 minutes! And already feeling better after a day! Thanks guys!"

Sheena Nault

Quotes"I would recommend Rocky Mountain Urgent Care to my friends and family. I received prompt and courteous care. The staff is very professional and thorough. I am glad that the urgent care facility is available so close to my home."

Tim Donaldson

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