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COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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Get Your TNC Driver Medical Exam for Uber, Lyft or Hovit

If you’re thinking about becoming a driver for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) in Colorado, you should know that the state requires a basic medical exam before you start driving. Yes, it can be a pain to jump through this hoop, but it’s an issue of public safety. There are certain medical conditions that can inhibit your ability to safely drive a car, but you don’t have to be in picture-perfect health, either. Looking to just get it done and over with? Don’t wait. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care can make it easy. We can often make same-day appointments for the TNC medical exam.

State Requirements and Information for Drivers

What does the state of Colorado have us look for? It’s pretty much the same as a standard medical exam with special attention to things that would interfere with your ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle. This includes limb movement/orthopedic dysfunction, cardiovascular problem, respiratory condition, diabetes, epilepsy, and mental disorders. It includes a vision check, as well as a few questions about alcohol and drug use. It’s also essentially the same physical that’s required for CDL drivers.

Uber Medical Exam

When completed, the medical certificate is generally good for two years, though high blood pressure (above 140/90) may shorten this time to one-year or even three months. Looking for more information? Check out this resource from the state of Colorado to learn more about the TNC Driver Medical Exam Packet and Certification.

Online Resources from Uber, Lyft, and Hovit

If you’re still considering your options as a prospective TNC Driver, these are the three big options in Colorado. Each company provides slightly different guidelines and resources for completing your medical exam—whether it’s with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine or some other health provider:

You can also Contact your local Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine Center to ask about exam costs, clinic policies, and to make an appointment.

Don’t Believe the Rumors!

You may have heard recently that these TNC driver requirements are going away. Don’t believe it. There was a legislative effort in 2017 with SB17-043, but it failed. Yes, the TNC industry is still new and the regulations may be subject to change in the future, but for now, you can get your medical exam from Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine and start working for your preferred Transportation Network Company sooner rather than later.

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