We are now conducting Drive-Thru COVID-19 testing in all of our clinic locations.

You DO NOT need to be symptomatic, have pre-existing conditions, or a physician’s note to get tested.

Call to set up a telemedicine appointment to get on the schedule for testing - see locations above.

We are also conducting COVID-19 antibody tests in all of our clinic locations.

These are blood draws and can be completed during our regular clinic hours.

You MUST be asymptomatic to have blood drawn.

Call 303-945-3299 x 122 to set up an appointment for antibody testing.

Sports Physical and Preparticipation Physical Evaluations

Not sure whether you or your kid is more excited to learn a sport or to go on this year’s summer camp? Before either of you get too excited, make sure you have your paperwork in order. Any number of little leagues, intramural sports, summer camps, and activity-based programs may require a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE). With a simple, standardized form in which participants provide much of their own medical history, we can complete most sports physicals for only $35.

The Preparticipation Physical Evaluation, Fourth Edition

In 2010, a collaboration of six different medical societies (The American Academy of Pediatrics, The American College of Sports Medicine, The American Medical Society For Sports Medicine, The American Academy of Family Physicians, and The American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine) came up with the Fourth Edition of the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation. It has four parts:

  1. History Form: The first part of the PPE asks you to provide some biographical information and a basic medical history. (Hablas español? Diligencie este formulario.)
  2. Supplemental History/Special Needs Form: The second part of the form asks about any disabilities, limitations, and other special medical conditions. Ideally, you’ll want to fill out these first two pages before visiting the doctor’s office.
  3. Physical Exam Form: Here, you can see the form the doctor will fill out as part of the physical examination.
  4. Clearance Form: The last part is like a results page. More than a pass/fail, you or your kid may be cleared for all sports without restriction or cleared but with recommendations for a follow-up, cleared for certain sports, not cleared but worth further evaluation, or not cleared for any sports.
Sports Physical

Double-Check with Your Organization

Different types of programs present different types of health hazards. For example, we can tell you that a hypersensitivity to poison ivy isn’t really a concern for your winter ski club. This is a big reason why, traditionally, the PPE has not been a single standardized form. Even today, you should verify with the sports or youth organization that they use the PPE and whether they require any additional forms or paperwork.

Beyond the Paperwork

More than just jumping through hoops and checking off the box, you may have lingering questions about how sports and other types of strenuous activities stand to impact you or your child’s health. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is ready to answer your questions. Our knowledgeable medical professionals can provide their unique perspective based on the individual health factors of your child. For most families, the potential benefits of participating in a sports league outweigh the potential risks, but you should still have all the information before making a final decision.

Best of all, with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine, you won’t have to wait long or pay through the nose to get this information and paperwork. Often times, we can make same-day appointments for family medicine, including sports physicals and other PPEs. A simple, short and standardized form also helps us reduce the cost of a sports physical.

Fixed Form

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