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What You Need to Know about Pediatric Urgent Care in Denver

Our pediatric urgent care in Denver is standing by during morning, afternoon, and evening hours to help parents with their pediatric healthcare needs. Yes, children are more vulnerable to illness than adults, but that doesn’t mean every symptom is a true emergency. Avoid the long lines and inflated bills of visiting the ER.


Have a Problem in the Middle of the Night?

Should you go to the ER or should you wait till the morning? Whether it’s relentless wailing or a tug on the arm, whether it’s a two-year-old or a twelve-year-old, one of the toughest decisions you have to make as a parent happens when your sick child wakes you up in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s sniffles at dinner that have morphed into a full-blown cold with fever. Maybe after not eating anything at dinner, your young child is now crying and pulling at their ear. Or maybe your preteen tried to sneak out of the house at night and ended up with a nasty ankle sprain. In any number of situations, you may recognize that an injury or illness isn’t a life-threatening emergency but is urgent nevertheless. When this happens, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is your answer for pediatric care.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of good options for 24-hour pediatric urgent care in Denver. Most 24-hour care clinics have a facility-based fee for their connection to emergency department care. These fees can inflate your medical bill. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has some of the longest hours of any local urgent care provider, but most of our clinics are only open to 8pm. (Our Aurora urgent care center is open till 9pm.) Whenever possible, don’t wait till right before bedtime to make a decision about whether or not to visit a pediatric urgent care clinic.


Qualified Pediatric Urgent Care in Denver

Just because you can’t or don’t want to wait on a regular doctor’s appointment doesn’t mean you want to leave the care of your children to a health professional who’s less qualified. Our urgent care centers are staffed by pediatricians who have the knowledge and experience to care for children and their medical needs. These compassionate doctors can handle your child’s urgent care needs and answer any questions you may have. You don’t have to choose between going to the ER and waiting days for an appointment with another pediatrician. Visit Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine, and discover why so many Colorado families have made us their primary healthcare provider. 


Beyond Your Urgent Care Needs

We offer comprehensive services for family medicine. Take a tour of our facility and talk to our pediatricians before signing up for a pre-natal visit. Then, you can get the prenatal and postnatal care you need. You can always walk-in to one of our local clinics if you need urgent care, but we can also try to make you a same-day appointment with our general family practice. Let us be your go-to provider for all your family’s healthcare needs. 

It’s all part of our commitment to providing the highest quality standard of care, while also working to increase patient access and decrease your out-of-pocket costs. We accept most health insurance plans as well as reasonably priced private-pay arrangements. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of the patient experience.


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