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Boulder Occupational Medicine

Boulder occupational medicine has proven value with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine. With businesses operating in a wide range of industries, we recognize that no two companies are quite the same. For many companies, the first step of our Boulder occupational medicine is to evaluate the health programs that are likely to make the biggest impact to your workforce’s overall health and productivity.

With programs like Boulder Together, local businesses have plenty of economic, financial, and employment resources at their disposal, but what many businesses still need is a dedicated healthcare resource. That’s why several local companies have looked to our local clinic for occupational medicine in Boulder.

We partner with Rocky Mountain Medical Group (RMMG) and Rocky Mountain Drug Testing (RMDT) for additional health services as needed. Including onsite drug screens, fit-for-duty exams, respiratory fitness evaluations, audiometry evaluations, and custom employment exams, we can provide your company with a comprehensive set of services for occupational medicine. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine also helps with the bookkeeping process for worker injury and illness. We designate a workers’ compensation coordinator who will keep all parties up-to-date on an employee’s case.

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Occupational Medicine in Boulder

The city’s tech boom and economic growth over the last decade have created many established business firms. Today, many of these firms are looking to get more efficiency, productivity, and reliability from their workforce over the long run. Even new start-ups are increasingly looking far into the future when making their strategic business decisions. No company is too big or too small. This week. This quarter. Ten years from now. The occupational medicine program from Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine will identify and implement those health programs that make sense for your company and workforce.

We also offer standalone services for Boulder occupational medicine. With an average wait time of less than 15 minutes and savings of up to 83% compared to emergency room care, we’re a better choice for minor work-related injuries. And if you’re interested in going into business for yourself as a ride-share driver, we can also perform the physical exam required by the Colorado Department of Transportation.


Return to Work Programs

Our Boulder occupational medicine has a strong return to work philosophy. We identify and support early return to work programs that are often mutually beneficial to both employee and employer. Like any health provider, we will also provide an expert medical opinion that can help with the return-to-work decision-making process, especially when there is no clear-cut answer. From back pain to concussions, from chronic headaches to open wounds, we can help manage the injuries and illnesses that invariably strike every company workforce given enough time.

Finally, some jobs demand more strenuous feats of strength, mobility, and/or endurance. Often, these companies and employees need extra guidance about when and how to reacclimate themselves to the job. Our work hardening programs are designed to provide extra medical support and oversight while employees are in this period of reconditioning.

Let us create a responsible and responsive occupational medicine program that speaks to your company’s priorities.

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