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Aurora Occupational Medicine

Aurora occupational medicine has become increasingly popular and increasingly important as the city’s economy and population has continued to grow right along with the rest of the Denver metro area. While we’re best known as an urgent care provider, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine in Aurora is committed to offering the healthcare services that will keep our patients and your employees healthy and productive. We partner with Rocky Mountain Medical Group (RMMG) and Rocky Mountain Drug Testing (RMDT) to satisfy all your occupational medicine needs. No company is too big or too small. We contract with companies that have numerous employees within different departments and worker classifications. We also work with small businesses and self-employed individuals including ride-share drivers who must pass a physical for the Department of Transportation.

The health service flexibility we provide is necessary to serve Aurora’s local business community. From agriculture to telecommunications, from construction to arts and entertainment, from healthcare to hospitality, Aurora is home to hundreds of companies who employ a workforce with a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, and healthcare needs.

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Occupational Medicine in Aurora

In many ways, the value of our Aurora occupational medicine is the same as it is from your marketing department. More than what your company needs right now, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine sees what your company and workers need from a health provider for years to come. Then, we work together with our business clients to design a responsible and responsive occupational medicine program that’s customized for their company.

For larger companies with long-term healthcare needs, this process typically starts by defining the job roles at the company in terms of their health requirements, risks, resources, and response scenarios. In other words, this process defines what health services are needed to fill that job position, what urgent care services should be available for acute injuries, what preventative health programs represent the best investments in your workforce, and what is the evaluation and decision-making process for injured workers returning to work?

Available occupational medicine for determining employee health requirements include onsite (or offsite) drug screens, fit-for-duty exams, respiratory fitness evaluations, audiometry evaluations, and employment exams customized for your company. From back pain to concussions, from chronic headaches to open wounds, we can help manage the injuries and illnesses that invariably afflict every company workforce given enough time.


Return to Work Programs

As part of our Aurora occupational medicine program, we pride ourselves on our strong return to work philosophy. We can identify those situations in which a partial early return program can be mutually beneficial to both parties. Like any health provider, we will provide an expert medical opinion that can help the decision-making process about when it’s time to return to work. Some jobs demand more rigorous feats of strength, mobility, and/or endurance. More than getting back to a reasonably healthy condition, the company and employee need to know when and how to reacclimate themselves to their former job duties. Our work hardening programs are designed to provide extra medical support and oversight while employees are in this reconditioning period.

We can take care of many acute injuries and illnesses 7 days a week at most locations. Convenient access and quality care are available from our Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Englewood, Lakewood, and Westminster urgent care clinics. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine will also help facilitate the bookkeeping process for worker injury and illness. We designate a workers’ compensation coordinator to every case who will keep all parties up-to-date on an employee’s case.

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