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Westminster Urgent Care: Walk-In & Same-Day Appointments

Struggling with an ailment that isn’t life-threatening but which needs urgent medical attention? Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine offers quick, reliable, and affordable care services. If you can’t wait on a regular doctor’s appointment but want to avoid the high costs of the ER, visit our Westminster urgent care location:


6080 W. 92nd Ave. Suite 1000
Westminster, CO 80031
Phone: 303-429-9311
Fax: 303-429-9399
Mon-Fri: 8am—8pm
Sat-Sun: 8am—6pm


Give us a call, or stop by our clinic during business hours. You can find our local clinic just off of Highway 36 at the corner of 92nd Ave and Harlan St. In addition to Westminster, this location serves Broomfield, North Denver, Arvada, Northglenn, Thornton, South Boulder, Highland Hills, Federal Heights, Louisville, Superior, and Front Range Community College.


What Non-Emergency Urgent Care Looks Like

Even if your life isn’t in immediate danger, any number of illnesses and injuries can make it extremely difficult to get through the day. It could be a sore throat, rash, infection, asthma, stomach or back pain, strains and sprains, cuts and abrasions. Serious head injury, acute poisoning, convulsions, loss of consciousness, and many other life-threatening conditions are an emergency for which you should call 9-1-1. Not sure if your wrist or ankle pains are a severe sprain or a mild fracture? Stop by our urgent care center. If the bone is protruding from the skin, it’s time to pay a visit to the ER.

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect guide that speaks to every situation. Still, much of the time, it’s clear whether a situation has become life-threatening. Moreover, our Westminster urgent care is an outlet for people who would otherwise have to choose between going to the ER or waiting days to see a doctor. Start feeling better now with urgent care.


Our Westminster Urgent Care Center

Here’s something else you should know: Some walk-in clinics aren’t urgent care centers at all but rather freestanding emergency rooms. These types of facilities may look and function much like an urgent care center, but because they’re technically an ER provider, patients may unexpectedly get a huge bill for their health services. This isn’t a concern with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine. We accept most health insurance plans and also offer affordable private-pay options. We’re continuously working to reduce costs and improve access without compromising care. Don’t wait to get the help you need!

Another thing that makes us different is our family practice and physical therapy services. This means we can serve many of your follow-up care needs as well. We treat all our patients like family. In addition to impeccable care, we try to bring some urgency to the family medicine side of our practice. That’s why, most of the time, you can schedule a same-day appointment with one of our family doctors, pediatricians, or physical therapists. Find a health clinic that can see you any day of the year, while also delivering basic health services at an affordable price.

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