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Urgent Care in Centennial, CO: Get Help at a Fair Price

Just because a health problem isn’t an emergency doesn’t mean you want to wait to get medical attention or other timely health services. Get the help you need now. Many of our patients are in and out of our clinic inside of an hour.

Urgent Care (Centennial, CO)

Phone: 303-693-2000
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am—8pm
Sat-Sun: 10am—6pm


Family Practice (Centennial, CO)

Phone: 303-680-0664
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am—5pm


Physical Therapy (Centennial, CO)

Phone: 303-872-1980
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am—5pm


Urgent care is reliable and efficient with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care in Centennial, CO. Our affordable walk-in clinic is staffed by qualified and compassionate professionals who offer a wide range of health services. Traveling overseas and need vaccines? Not a problem. Did you bang something up and think it might be broken? Get an X-ray on-site. Lab testing can help diagnose any number of ailments. Our family practice doctors also provide basic health services and pediatric care.


Insurance Coverage and Urgent Care Costs

You may not want to wait to get medical attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s a life-threatening emergency. And it doesn’t mean you’re prepared to pay emergency room prices or wait for hours and hours in an ER just to get seen. At Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, we work to reduce the cost of our health services without compromising our standard of care. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with a wide network of health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Check your insurance card for your urgent care co-pay.

For those without insurance, we also offer a private pay option. While other urgent care clinics may charge $150 or more and ER visits even more than that, an appointment with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care starts at $130. For those who need lab testing or additional health services, we also offer our private-pay patients a discount when paying their bill in full at the time of service.


Rocky Mountain Urgent Care in Centennial, CO

Our walk-in urgent care clinic is located on the east side on Smoky Hill Road in the Smoky Hill Health Plaza. We primarily serve the Denver neighborhoods of Centennial, Parker, Southeast Aurora, Foxfield, Southlands, Buckley, and Murphy Creek. Our family practice doctors can frequently make same-day appointments or whatever day you would like to make an appointment. In Centennial, CO, our specialty care services include physical therapy.

If you’re from out of town or new to the neighborhood, you may not be familiar with the city’s elongated and somewhat gerrymandered shape. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has six urgent care clinics throughout the Denver metro area. For those patients on Centennial’s west side, you might also visit our Englewood location. For those on the north side, you might look to our Aurora location. These locations offer psychology services in addition to urgent care, family medicine, and physical therapy. All of our clinics welcome walk-in urgent care patients, and each provider offers convenient access at a fair price.

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