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Find Centennial Family Medicine that Fits Your Schedule

Local families are accustomed to a busy, adventurous lifestyle. A few miles from world-renowned hiking, skiing, and outdoor recreation, Centennial is also the setting for a variety of everyday tasks including school, work, and healthcare. Getting yourself, the kids, and your practitioner on the same schedule can seem impossible. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care Centennial Family Medicine wants to change this sentiment.  We do our best to accommodate your schedule including same-day appointments. And if a family doctor is unavailable, our experienced urgent care staff will be available.

With locations throughout the Denver metropolitan area, our patients have a variety of convenient facilities to visit—whether it’s for an urgent care visit or a scheduled appointment with a family practitioner. We want to make healthcare affordable and accessible. We sit down with clients to discuss their individual needs and medical concerns. Our providers are educated, experienced, and compassionate healthcare professionals ready to help you get healthy.

How Centennial Family Medicine Can Help

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care provides individualized and preventative care for all our patients. Our staff ensures that each patient receives the best quality care available. We perform routine physicals, well child care, well woman care, and sports physicals. We also have extensive experience in managing ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, pulmonary diseases (such as asthma and emphysema), skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and additional ongoing health issues. Equipped to treat a range of acute illnesses and chronic conditions, our family medicine staff will do all we can to help you get better and stay healthy.

Beyond the Family Practice

In addition to family medicine, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has an urgent care walk-in clinic that offers quality healthcare at an affordable price. This is an especially important resource for busy families with young children. Accidents happen, often without anticipation. For non-emergency care, urgent care is an important alternative to emergency departments with long waits and higher service costs. We work with most insurance plans (including Colorado Medicaid and Medicare). If you do not have insurance, a standard appointment costs just $130.

Our extended hours for urgent care and family practice patients allow you to see us on your busy schedule. Below, we have listed important addresses, contact numbers, and hours.

Centennial-Smoky Hill Urgent Care

20270 E Smoky Hill Rd
Centennial, CO 80015
Phone: 303-693-2000
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am—8pm
Sat-Sun: 10am—6pm

Family Practice

Phone: 303-680-0664
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Specialty Services

Physical Therapy
Phone: 303-872-1980
Fax: 303-693-2043
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Our Centennial urgent care and family medicine practice is located on Smoky Hill Road in the Smoky Hill Health Plaza. This location service Centennial, Parker, Southeast Aurora, Foxfield, Southlands, Buckley, and Murphy Creek residents. Happen to be in a separate part of Jefferson County when you experience an accident? We have six locations scattered throughout the Denver metropolitan area. No matter what needs you have for Centennial family medicine, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care can help.

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