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Lakewood Primary Care Physicians to Treat You and Your Family

Finding primary care physicians in Lakewood doesn’t have to be difficult. The doctors and nurses at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine are ready to help you start feeling better immediately—and stay that way. Our high standard of care is applied through all the services we provide, from urgent care to family medicine to specialty care services. Look to us for all your Lakewood primary care and other health service needs.

We Make Primary Care Convenient

While some may see searching for Lakewood primary care physicians as a hassle, this is one of the most important healthcare decisions you can make. When you have a long-term doctor, your provider won’t have to conduct new tests or wait for medical records prior to treatment. Most of us only go to the doctor when necessary, learning to rely on urgent care and clinics for standalone health service. While this might seem like a smart strategy, it takes a considerable amount of time to establish a relationship with a new medical provider.

Our primary care support is evolving to meet the needs and priorities of our patients. We know Lakewood residents don’t have a lot of extra time, so we try to cater to the needs of the community. When you visit our urgent care center, you won’t leave with a referral for an external physician. Instead, you’ll be able to see one of our Lakewood primary care physicians for follow-up visits and sustained care, even if all you need is preventative care. We value convenience, but we also value consistency and the relationship developed between our doctors and patients.

Lakewood Primary Care Physicians for the Entire Family

Lakewood has all the outdoor offerings of Colorado without the hustle and bustle of nearby Denver. That means this part of the state has a lot of families. These families, though, are no stranger to outdoor adventure and, of course, the occasional accident. From sprained ankles and small cuts, Lakewood residents are looking for convenient pediatric care—for family medicine and for a pediatric urgent care option. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine has both.

Comprehensive and Affordable Healthcare

The cost of living in Lakewood is well above the national average, so we understand the importance of budgeting for healthcare. With us, you can always count on the lowest possible price, as well as the highest-quality care available. We accept most health insurance providers, as well as Medicaid and Medicare, and we also provide discounts for patients who pay their bill in full at the time of service. Whether you visit us to find Lakewood primary care physicians or for urgent healthcare, we promise you’ll get high-quality care without needing to worry about cost.

No matter how you find our Lakewood primary care physicians, you can expect caring, compassionate, and highly-skilled doctors. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience to get the best healthcare services possible. With Rocky Mountain Lakewood Urgent Care and Family Medicine, you won’t have to.

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