Our Denver Family Medicine is Ready to Serve Your Family

Between shuttling the kids between activities, getting them to school, and taking time to pursue your own interests, tracking down a convenient and affordable family physician might seem impossible. Fortunately, our Denver Family Medicine practice has the convenience you need at a price you can afford. Our local East Denver clinic offers family medicine services perfect for your life on the go.

When you choose Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, one of our family practice doctors will sit down with you to discuss the best method to improve your family’s health and wellness. We can accommodate a variety of medical concerns, and we are equipped to handle your every non-life-threatening need. If you are looking for a local family medicine provider in east Denver, look no further than Rocky Mountain Urgent Care.


Denver Urgent Care

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Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-759-2985
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Mon & Tue: 8am—5pm


Why Family Medicine?

Our Denver Family Medicine practices understand the nuances of a family’s ever-changing life. Whether it’s a concerning bump on the head or preventative care, you should have the freedom to have your whole family visit the same physician—regardless of age or reason for visit. The providers at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care are focused on making and keeping your family happy and healthy, and we are fully equipped to handle your Denver Family Medicine needs.

Our practitioners understand that families, especially those with young children, are more accident-prone than individuals. We also understand that young children should visit a physician more frequently. Our extended Denver Family Medicine hours are designed to work with your schedule. Moreover, our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, pulmonary diseases, skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and other ongoing health issues. If you encounter a speed bump in your health or preventative care, our Denver Family Medicine providers are here to smooth it out. We also perform routine physicals, well woman care, well childcare, and sports physicals—everything you need to keep your family funning at full speed.

If, in addition to a family medicine practice, you require specialty services, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has a wide variety of offerings. We also provide physical therapy, psychology, allergy care, weight loss, and occupational medicine amenities.


Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has the Accessibility You Need

If you’ve been procrastinating or only have a short window of time in your entire week, we do our best to accommodate same-day appointments. If we are unable to get a family medicine appointment, your family can still be seen by our skilled urgent care clinic. No matter your health need or timeline, we guarantee that your family will receive skilled and compassionate care. Our family practice has extended service hours to accommodate your busy schedule, and you can rest assured that out-of-pocket fees will be eliminated or minimized to the best of our ability. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care wants to be your one-stop facility for everything medical.

We have locations in and around the Denver metropolitan area, and each facility offers a family practice service. For our full list of locations, addresses, and contact information, see the following link. Each of our locations is staffed by educated, experienced, and compassionate providers ready to take on your medical needs.


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