Rocky Mountain Urgent Care Serving Denver’s Broadway District

As much as Rocky Mountain Urgent Care wishes we could have a clinic around the block from every city resident, this simply isn’t feasible. But while we don’t have an urgent care clinic on Broadway, we do have a nearby clinic in the Rose Medical Center on Hale Parkway, as well as several other locations surrounding the downtown area.

Most of the time, you can get seen within 30 minutes of walking into any of our urgent care clinics. You may also call ahead to see if an alternate location may be able to see you more quickly.


Urgent Care Access for Broadway Communities


Denver Urgent Care

4700 Hale Pkwy #340

Denver, CO 80220

Phone: 303-759-2985

Fax: 303-759-2988

Mon & Tue: 8am—5pm


Westminster Urgent Care

6080 W. 92nd Ave. Suite 1000

Westminster, CO 80031

Phone: 303-429-9311

Mon-Fri: 8am—8pm
Sat-Sun: 8am—6pm


Lakewood Urgent Care

605 Parfet St, Suite 103

Lakewood, CO 80215

Phone: 303-986-9610

Mon-Fri: 8am—8pm
Sat: 8am—6pm


Englewood Urgent Care

730 W Hampden Ave, Suite 200

Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: 720-974-7464

Mon-Fri: 8am—7pm


* If you work on Broadway but live on the east side, you might also look to our Aurora and Centennial-Smoky Hill locations. (Our Aurora clinic has expanded hours and is open till 8am-9pm, 7 days a week.)


Occupational, Commercial, and After-Hours Healthcare

For a long time, this part of the city has been defined by its commercial and economic activity. And like anywhere, Denver’s Broadway urgent care needs are a reflection of the surrounding community. Many downtown businesses recognize the value of occupational medicine to bring about a healthier, more productive workforce. Or maybe you’re a workaholic who never has time in the schedule to see a doctor outside of regular business hours. A lot of people have to deal with drunk family members, and a Rockies game is a common place to go overboard. Maybe the usually impeccable dining scene gave you a bad case of food poisoning. The bright lights and close quarters of Denver theaters can be a trigger for panic attacks and other latent medical conditions. Especially during the summer, a lot of people will succumb to some combination of fatigue, dehydration, or nausea after an all-day marathon in the 16th Street Mall. For a wide range of non-emergency care services, one of our nearby urgent care locations is a great option for your occupational, commercial, and after-hours healthcare needs.


Residential Development and Urgent Care in South Broadway

Have you heard the news that Denver is getting bigger? You don’t have to look far to see for yourself, and South Broadway is one of the hotspots. With several new residential development projects in the works and property values at or near all-time highs, access to healthcare services is its own growing issue in this part of the city. Whether it’s a quick drive or via public transportation, making the short trip to our Englewood clinic is worth it to get timely and affordable care services.

In fact, many people come to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care for all their non-emergency care. In addition to urgent care, we have a family medicine practice and specialty care services that include physical therapy, psychology services, weight loss, and allergy care. To get answers, to start feeling better, or to get your medical paperwork, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is standing by and ready to offer compassionate, knowledgeable care from an amazing team of health professionals.


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