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Boulder Primary Care Physicians Serving Every Healthcare Need

From acute medical care to routine physical exams, our Boulder primary care physicians respond with an incredibly high standard of care. Regardless of your schedule, ailment, or financial situation, our doctors and staff can assist with everything from basic health forms and wellness exams to urgent care and chronic illness management. For your primary care, family medicine, physical therapy, and urgent care healthcare needs, you won’t find a better option for primary care physicians in Boulder.

Multiple Options for Boulder Health Services

Boulder residents are known for their resiliency and love of adventure, but when it comes to free time, there isn’t much to work with. We know you’d rather be out hiking or swimming, and our Boulder services work to address that. Whether you’re looking for an urgent care center or Boulder primary care physicians who can fit you into their schedule, one of our two convenient Boulder locations has the answer.

A New Model for Finding Primary Care

Urgent care is less expensive than an emergency room visit and more convenient than an appointment with a primary care doctor. Now, busy residents are beginning to combine urgent care with primary care physicians in Boulder. If you need to be seen quickly, where do you go? Urgent care. Wouldn’t it be convenient if your urgent care office was also where your primary care physician practiced? This is the comfort and convenience Rocky Mountain Urgent Care can provide. If your doctor and medical records are housed in the same place as your emergency treatment center, the quality of care provided increases exponentially.

Finding Boulder Primary Care Physicians for the Whole Family

Many Boulder residents are in the middle of family planning or running a household for the first time. Whether for regular visits with a pediatrician, growth and development monitoring, or pediatric urgent care, there is never a bad time to seek out a primary care physician in Boulder. Just as you can’t control when you need to see a doctor, kids can’t control when accidents happen. Combining pediatric urgent care with family medicine is also helpful for nervous and anxious kids. Getting acquainted with our locations and staff is a great way to soothe nerves when an accident does occur. Our Boulder family practice is perfect for families who always seem to be on the go.

Accessible and Comprehensive Service

No matter how you find your way to our Boulder primary care physicians, you can always expect compassionate, accessible, and high-quality care. Both our Boulder locations accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, and offer affordable repayment plans when necessary. Whether you need urgent care, family medicine, physical therapy, or nutrition counseling, you can get it with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine.

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