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Aurora Urgent Care Hours and Provider Information

Our Aurora urgent care hours are 8am—9pm every day. We know the time demands of modern life as well as anyone. Fitting a doctor’s visit into your busy schedule isn’t easy. Our walk-in clinic means basic health services are always within reach. Many of our patients are done with their appointment in an hour or less.

Outside of 24-hour emergency care, we have some of the most extended hours for urgent care in Aurora and throughout the greater Denver metro area. In addition to long hours, we keep our facility well-staffed with skilled, experienced, and compassionate providers.

Our commitment to convenient healthcare includes our family practice and specialty services. We can often make same-day appointments to see our family practice doctors. We can also make an appointment for whatever time and day works for your schedule. Again, our urgent care clinic offers walk-in patient access every day of the week.


Our Aurora Urgent Care Hours and Contact Info

We are located on the eastern end of the Potomac Square Shopping Center.

13650 E Mississippi Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012


Urgent Care Clinic

Phone: 303-695-1338
Fax: 303-695-8814
Mon-Sun: 8am—9pm


Family Practice

Phone: 303-695-8684
Fax: 303-597-0191
Mon-Fri: 7:30am—5pm


Physical Therapy
M, W, F: 9am—5pm

Increased Access and Efficiency

What happens when the only time you have to see the doctor is outside of your work hours? When other urgent care clinics close at 5-6pm, when they’re not open at all on the weekends, when they involve long waits and referrals to outside doctors for family medicine, it’s hard to get the help you need. For a lot of people, they know they need to take better care of themselves and get treatment for a specific health problem, but the practical realities of life keep getting in the way. You can get comprehensive non-emergency healthcare services quickly, reliably, and affordably with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine.

Our Urgent Care Patient Costs

We’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce costs without compromising our care. This includes both our provider costs and our patients’ out-of-pocket costs. We work with most health insurance plans. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the time, you can find your urgent copay on the back on your insurance card. But if not, we can help you verify what your copay is. We also offer private-pay arrangements. A basic appointment costs $130 for our private-pay patients. Testing and other services may accrue additional costs, but we do offer discounts for patients who pay their bill in full at the time of service.

We fill that crucial healthcare gap for those people who don’t want to wait to get medical attention, but who are also looking to avoid the high costs and potentially long waits of emergency room care. Find a trusted healthcare provider with Rocky Mountain Urgent Care in Aurora.

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