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Lakewood Family Medicine

Our Lakewood family doctors are known for their skilled and compassionate care. We treat every patient like a member of our family. Start feeling better now, and take steps toward better personal health overall. We know how hard it is to balance the time demands of family and work, while keeping yourself and your loved ones happy and healthy.

Our Lakewood family medicine practice is frequently able to accommodate requests for same-day appointments. But even when our family doctors are fully booked, we maintain an urgent care clinic that is ready to handle to walk-in patients. This means in addition to taking care of your family health forms and wellness check-ups, you should put Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Medicine on your emergency contact list. Get the reassurance that comes with having a comprehensive healthcare provider right in your neighborhood.

Lakewood Family Doctors and Nursing Staff

In addition to physicals and checkups, our healthcare professionals are qualified and experienced in treating acute illnesses and chronic conditions. This includes diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, pulmonary diseases such as asthma and emphysema, skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and many other acute and chronic health issues. Don’t ignore nagging or overwhelming symptoms, not when our skilled team of doctors and nurses is ready to help. Reach out to our Lakewood family medicine for all your essential healthcare services.

Additional Services at Lakewood Family Medicine

In addition to providing an urgent care clinic and family medicine appointments in Lakewood, we also offer occupational medicine and specialty services. Regardless of the care you need, know that we accept most forms of health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare for family medicine. Uninsured patients have access to several self-pay options, and we provide discounts to those who are able to cover the cost of treatment at the time of their visit. Don’t put off important health care needs for fear of high costs. We can work with you to find a payment option that works with your budget.


In-Network Insurance Providers

 Lakewood Family Practice

Phone: 303-986-9583
Fax: 303-986-2901

Mon-Fri: 8am—6pm

 Urgent Care

Phone: 303-986-9610
Fax: 303-986-2901

Mon-Fri: 8am—6pm

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 Specialty Services

Phone: 303-872-1980
Fax: 303-986-2901

Why Visit our Lakewood Family Practice?

Located just off the Kipling St exit on Route 6, our neighborhood clinic is easy to get to for Lakewood residents as well as much of the west Denver area. Our health professionals and administrative staff are constantly looking for ways to improve our standard of care and manage our costs. We accept every major health insurance plan, while also providing reasonable options for our self-pay patients. With Lakewood family medicine, you can count on getting the convenient, reliable, and affordable care that you need.


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