Manson Software

Active Listings: 6 Registered: May 10, 2017 (10 months ago)

Company Information

Manson Software Group is one of the leading software development firms in the North America region. Formed just after the Y2K debacle, the company focuses solely on creating software that is as error-free as possible and which requires minimal amount of post-release patches. The group’s financial position is quite strong as evidenced by its yearly profits of $40 million on revenues of $190 million.

The group mainly deals with third-party software development and is responsible for many of the e-ticketing solutions currently deployed in the service sector. The group employs mainly software engineers and developers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Current job openings at Manson Software

Website Designer   Baltimore, MD
January 1, 2015
Website Design Head   Stamford, CT
January 1, 2015
Back-End Web Developer   New York, NY
January 1, 2015
Software Developer   East Orange, NJ
January 1, 2015
UI Developer   Brooklyn, NY
January 1, 2015

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