$25 Sports Physicals

Athletic Competition Form 

For many teenagers playing sports at school or in summer leagues is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As most parents know, getting a sports physical is required by schools as well as by most athletic leagues. Physicals are also required for camps and other programs that kids and young adults attend during the summer or any time of year.

Why are these physicals required? It is important to make sure children and young adults are healthy before they engage in strenuous physical activity. This involves taking a complete family history to make sure there are no genetic problems that could be passed on to the young athlete. It involves taking the athlete’s medical history to determine if medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes or previous concussions exist that may pose a problem for participation. It involves asking questions about many symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath, especially with strenuous activity such as running.

As part of the physical exam, the doctor will:
•measure height and weight
•take a blood pressure
•check the vision
•listen to your heart and lungs
•feel your abdomen
•look in your ears, nose, and throat
•test how strong and flexible you are

At the end of

the sports physical the doctor gives the athlete and parents time to ask questions and reviews other important aspects of playing sports, such as staying hydrated and using sunscreen.

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care & Family Medicine offer sports and athletic physicals for only $25.00. Just mention this newsletter or bring in a copy. We believe in offering these exams for this low price because many kids could not afford them otherwise. We encourage parents and athletes to bring in the attached athletic competition form, with the history information completed. Many people will also have required forms from their schools or other programs and we are happy to fill these out as well.

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