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Urgent Care

We have six urgent care and family medicine clinic locations in the Denver and Boulder areas. Our goal is to provide affordable, convenient, and high-quality urgent care and primary healthcare when you need it by Board Certified medical professionals. We offer urgent care on a walk-in basis and primary care by appointment. We can often schedule a same day appointment for our patients through our family medicine providers. Additional services provided at many of our healthcare clinics include dedicated pediatricians, occupational therapy, workers compensation, physical therapy, psychology, weight loss, and hormone replacement therapy.

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Family Medicine

As a parent, your number one priority is keeping your family healthy and safe. At Rocky Mountain Urgent Care & Family Medicine, our doctors have years of experience helping all members of the family receive the healthcare services they need. Whether you suffer from an acute illness or a chronic condition, we can take care of you. We will also perform the necessary routine exams for cancer, osteoporosis, along with other recommended screenings. Have a serious medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease? We can provide you with the care you need to stay healthy and happy. You can entrust your family's health to our professional team of nurses and doctors. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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      What Our Clients Say

      • “I recently had the misfortune of needing to rush to an urgent care center. Presented with a choice between three different groups in town, I decided to drive a bit further to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care based on the feedback I’ve heard from family and friends. I was not disappointed. I was not the most severe case in the waiting room and was still seen pretty quickly. The doctor was in quickly and the nursing staff were very helpful. All in all, the experience was positive and my bill was much more reasonable than an ER visit. So, hopefully I don’t have to go back to urgent care, but if I do, I will drive a bit further to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care. Thanks.”

      • “My experience with RMUC is when my 6 year old son fell off the top of a big slide and broke both of his wrists. My husband called ahead and told the staff what we were coming in for and the staff was ready when we got there. I was allowed to fill out the paper work in the room. My son was given some pain meds as soon as the doc saw him, then he went right to x-ray. When he came back from x-ray the meds had kicked in and the techs were able to splint him. The techs were so kind and gentle with my son that he thinks they are “magic” because they made the pain go away and fixed his arms. We were referred to children’s ortho and given the phone #’s. This was a very traumatic experience for not only my son but my husband, myself and our smaller children. Every staff member we came in contact with was caring and concerned about us all. Thank you Teresa, Dr. Wallace, and Rich.”

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